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We believe that Art should be affordable. Everyone should be able to own it and appreciate the beauty. It's important that people have the right access to such artworks. We cherish art in all its forms. However, it is our deep desire to take art into a bigger space than it currently occupies in the daily lives of people. Make it more contemporary and accessible to people from all walks of life. 'Kazaru' was conceived when we was trying to give ideas to a friend about how he can make use of an old damaged Japanese painting by putting some ornamental installation to it which eventually gave it new life and re-decorated his wall! 'Kazaru' in Japanese means 'to decorate'.And I never looked back from there. Currently our artworks are highly innovative, original wall d├ęcor pieces made of steel, copper and wood. We intend to create inclusive art with different elements and textures like fibre, steel and ceramic, in collaboration with multiple artists.

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Customer care

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